Busy Bunnies Video

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Our busy bunnies and their playhouse. – Arianna


Our bunnies hop around. – Adrian


We created this video from photos and video that my kids took of them. I bought a playhouse and put it in their pen. They like sleeping under it and they go to the upper level to eat dinner and drink.

The lower level, away from the playhouse, is their litter box. They are doing fabulously with litter training.

This pen was a long time coming. I spent hours building the pen, only to revise it several times. I drew deep satisfaction from creating something with my hands and my imagination to come up with combinations of materials that I could use to create the pen.

The playhouse was something to let them play in and use. I’d like more room for them to run around in there, but they like to hop up and down and weave in and out of the holes and spaces.

Our bunnies are pretty spoiled!

Their names are Pat (the big white bunny) and Jen (the small gray lop). They were named after Pat and Jen, YouTube celebrities that create videos of their Minecraft play.

My kids LOVE Minecraft and they love Pat and Jen.

Now they have another set of Pat and Jen to love.


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